how did i not KNOW?

Shows how this icky GG season is affecting my knowledge of all things Lauren Graham. I did *not* know about this Because I Said So movie. A movie where it looks like she's going to be in it more than 5 minutes. Starring alongside DIANE KEATON, Piper Perabo, and...Mandy Moore. Too bad Mandy's taking a lot of the focus. But wow, that intro into the trailer! We've *never* seen that much of Lorelai. And dammit, I'm still jealous of Diane Keaton's body. Unfair!!

watch trailer here

And I love that Diane's name in the movie is Daphne, my mom's name. Two ladies that rawk.
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the evil has returned!


You'll never guess what I spotted at the end of the aisle at HEB...


I just stopped and stood there. Dumbstruck. Had a minor panic attack, but after a few seconds I was able to fondly pick up the SinNamon box again. That project is like my Vietnam. I get sudden flashbacks of terror and start yelling at the demon/angel on my shoulders. :P They only had 4 of the sweeter flavors (practically inhaled the SinNamon one I bought). Remember how hard it was to find it in stores 2 years ago??? Wore my shirt in honor of the discovery today, lol.


First part of work was spent helping to decorate the VisComm office. It was my first experience with that fake snow crap. Had to make a winter wonderland for these snowman decals. That stuff is crazy. Then I was taken away to print out, mount, and hang up more student work in a display case for a class that needs more students to sign up. So easy day. Still can't believe I get paid.

Sad discovery of the day was when I learned I couldn't use the 30 day trial of After Effects to finish my project at home because it's not compatible with the school's version. *pouts* If a classmate doesn't find his copy I'm just gonna have to do Digital Video throughout 2d class and do my 2d project at home. I've NO idea how I'm going to finish either project. Especially since we're heading to Dallas for Trish's bridal shower on Friday through Saturday. *crumples*

I'm scared.

And talk about scary: everyone go check out this Mary Poppin's Trailer that's made out to be a horror film. Wonderfully creepy.



Wow, my last post was about a week ago. Having dial-up at home just kept me away from any long-time use. Too much of a pain to attempt posting anything. So I'm gonna be brief about the holidayness. Thanksgiving was nice in that we didn't have to eat turkey and, instead, my mom cooked amazing non-Thanksgiving food. I ate it ALL. Especially the rum cake. Snagged a piece every time I walked by. Friday we all went to see Casino Royale. Oh so looooooong. Action-y movies should barely exceed an hour and a half. This 2 hour + thing kills my ass. And my head when these movies have terrible editing and then don't know when to end. However, I did like Daniel Craig filling in the size 007 shoes. Finally, a Bond who looks like he *could* kill if he's licensed too. Smashing body, although sometimes he'd mumble.

Came back on Saturday to escape my MAD allergies to home. Only just recovered. Immediately hung out with Sarah on our return. Rented Wordplay and Pizza (don't rent! even if you love Ethan Embry!) and began Christmas-ing the apartment. Uh, we got about as the Christmas tree...and then only halfway. We couldn't haphazardly watch the car wreck that was Pizza.

Today was my second day on the job. Spend most of it battling with the 4 display cases. It is not easy setting those things up! Especially when the damn lock won't open under the 14 keys you have. The whole thing was trial and error. I'd pin stuff up, and realize I didn't have enough room, and had a horrible moment when I was practically done with these impossible multiple dimension foamcore things and realized the glass wouldn't close over them. Or an even WORSE moment where I had them mostly hung up again and realized I hadn't written down the students' names for the type up sheet. D'oh! And since I wasn't able to get my timesheet out for the day I worked last week, they said I could just throw those hours into this week and leave early. At first I was miffed about the missed day of pay, but then thought against it and found I'd be able to squeeze in some lab work if I got off early. I just hope I get a decent paycheck before Christmas.

As for class, the crunch time is...crunching me. No idea how I'm gonna get digital video done and am having issues with the project. Can't seem to spice it up.

Oh, and I bought Sufjan's Christmas boxset today. AMAZING. I lovelovelovelove it. Especially the fun booklet and stickers that come with it. A Christmas treat!

Ok tiiiiired zzzzzzzzz.
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jump 'n move 'n STOP

First day of work! They kept things light for me I think. For the first half all I did was make a copy of these 2 big notebooks for a professor. I think they thought it was going to take me all morning to do it because they were surprised I had it all copied, labeled, and into plastic sleeves in an hour. After lunch I was put to work doing a spreadsheet of counselors and art teachers at high schools ACC would be likely to visit and recruit students. It was a pretty mindless task when the high school sites weren't EVIL. Which they so often are. Horribly designed and impossible to navigate to find something so simple as a faculty list. I'll have to finish that up next Tuesday and then I get to set up a display case. Woo, lol. So yeah, pretty jazzed about the job so far and how perfect it is for my schedule, bank account, and stress level.

After work Sarah, Lauren, and I caught Happy Feet. The first act was cute, second was hilaaaarious, and third was total WTF, mate? Big big plotholes and I'm still not a huge fan of the photorealistic penguins. I see why they leaned toward it during the third act, but I think they could have tossed that technique and been more stylized. And I found it so crazy that Mumble totally LOOKED like Elijah Wood sometimes. And whoever thought it'd be a good idea for Nicole Kidman to speak like Marilyn Monroe should be shot. My feet were tapping and happy when it was over, then all of our hearts broke apart when I noticed Steve Irwin was the voice of one of the elephant seals. *cries*

Going to my first two classes and skipping the last so Lauren and I can head on home. Beyond thrilled we're having Thanksgiving out our house because it means Mom has the power to not cook turkey. It's my least favorite holiday meal, so I'm looking forward to food worth being thankful for.
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i was born when i met you

Saw Stranger Than Fiction this afternoon with Lauren and Amber. Had been wanting to see it since seeing the trailers where I found out lady loves like Emma Thompson and Maggie Gyllenhaal would be in it. I enjoyed it despite it starring Will Ferrell. However, I was still peeved I had to witness *another* movie where a socially inept and older man couples with an interesting, spunky, and much YOUNGER girl. So very tired of this. Still, I enjoyed the concept and Emma Thompson as a writer/narrator whose a tad on the crazy side. Her takes had me giggling throughout. And I wonder if anyone else recognized the hams from the Sonic commercials. And arrrgh, I just spent nearly an hour trying to find good photos showing Maggie's similarities to Lauren Graham, but it doesn't seem to translate in photos. Only on film I guess. It's eerie to me. They share the turned up nose and make a LOT of the same expressions, just Maggie having a more heart-shaped face.

Too bad I had to relive some of Lauren's terrible movie choices through screencaps of films like Lucky 13. Remember alex? I had the unfortunate luck to see a cap of that INSANE scene with Becky kissing her. If only Lauren's filmography resembled Maggie's.
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don't hold your head so low so you can't see the sky

So many nice days in a row! First Matt on Wednesday, Thursday armelisediva and I decided to go to a free play of Holes 30 minutes before it began (look at us being spontaneous!), Friday we went to see Flushed Away then came home to laugh at The Office and cry over Grey's Anatomy, then tonight we had a great dinner at Mangia's and came back to joke around and do yoga/pilates with Lauren and then watch The Emperor's New Groove. A++ weekend. And it's not even over!! Don't think tomorrow's gonna top anything since I'll be doing homework and grocery shopping, but it should be a nice, chilly day. And NOT Monday.

The only hiccup in the night was me not having my house key to get back in after we ate and went shopping for ingredients for bunuelos and Sarah's amazing concoction from camp: goofballs. Includes stuffing chocolate chips and marshmallows into a ball of flaky biscuit dough that will be fried in oil and then covered in sugar. So potent I could barely eat two. AMAZING. Breakfast is going to be beautiful tomorrow.

Also, I need more music recs because I got an iTunes giftcard and don't want to waste it on any so-so stuff.
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waiting for right words to come

Oh Matt Nathanson, my love for you knows no bounds. Fabulous way to end a Wednesday. Sarah and I were wondering how we were ever going to be able to go back to our usual Gelato's routine. Can't compete with Matty.

Anyway, it was awesome. Even more so by being able to be there with armelisediva as she experiences Live Matt for the first time. Will post videos and pics tomorrow as usual.

*pulls fluffy blanket over her on cloud 9*

I'm out.